90% of a baby’s body heat escapes from their head and over in Tanzania, without proper incubators and dry clothing, a baby beanie goes a long way to their survival. A mother has to bring all of the equipment, medication and clothing for her birth and her baby. A Kanga (a colourful blanket that mothers wear and use to wrap around the baby) is the only thing between the baby and the fresh cool air of their new world. Usually they only bring one Kanga so the baby has to regulate their heat inside a wet blanket. Beanies are perfect for helping them keep warm and it is a heartfelt gift for the mother to recieve; to see that they are not invisible, that someone has spent time and effort just for them and their baby.

We receive donations everyday of bags filled with beanies, baby clothes, blankets and more. If you aren’t a gun-knitter like your Mum or Grandmother than you can donate to the Baby Beanie Knitters where the money will go to supplying the Knitters with wools, yarn, needles and essentials for their amazing work.