Dragonfly’s to Jan

The dragon fly has long since been a symbol of peacefulness, quiescence and a wonderful soothing symbol for me. That is why it’s the symbol of the website Midwife Vision.

I can’t explain how special it is to me when I see a Dragon fly….it’s a spiritual like link for me and always makes me feel connected to my loved ones,  peaceful, & watched over in some strange way. It vitality for my soul. There is a large Dragon fly and a small, one symbolizing the mother and the baby.


Dragonfly’s in Popular Culture

According to Jessica Palmer in her book, Animal Wisdom, in Native American lore, “dragonflies are equated with mirage or illusion” (Palmer 126).

Jamie Sams and David Carson rely on Native American wisdom in their description of dragonfly.

They say: “Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world. This elemental world is made up of the tiny spirits of plants, and of the elements air, earth, fire, and water. In essence, this world is full of nature spirits…

If you feel the need for change, call on Dragonfly to guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation…

Follow Dragonfly to the place inside your body where magic is still alive, and drink deeply of its power. This strength belongs to you. It is the power of becoming the illusion. This ability is ever changing, and contains within it the knowledge that you are creating it all. (145-146)”

Ted Andrews, a brilliant mind who understood the guidance and blessings animals bring us, notes that dragonflies have similar symbology around the world. To the Japanese, they are symbols of new joy and light, and many traditions speak of how they are the dragons of old in a new expression. When dragonfly appears, it is time to trust in the power of light. (164)




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