Knitting Patterns Update:

Mum recommends

4 ply wool (Needle size 9)

8 ply wool (Needle size 8)

A wool blend is best for the babies and they seemed to fit better.  However the acrylic was also really well received – they seemed to have some funky colours.

They loved pom poms – don’t make them – go to your local Dollar shop or craft shop and get a bag of them to sew on.

Great knitting effort - beanies for new borns

Great knitting effort – beanies for new borns

When a baby is first born its head is wet and during resuscitation we always popped that on whilst we administered emergency life support. The wool blend or wool for the little heads is really a luxury and one that we appreciate if it’s in the budget.

I will also get some crochet patterns from Yvonne & her friend Coral, who made some really great fitting beanies as well, in the lovely soft baby colours.

Most popular colours were the traditional Pink and Blue- so it’s the entire world over isn’t for young mums.

Green and brown was the least well received colours – now when I say this the mothers were so grateful and incredibly humbled by the gifts of love that had come from Australia and NZ

The vibrant hot pinks and hot blue were very popular as well. The thing they all wanted and we had so few were pom poms.