10 Units of oxytocin, the hormone of love, (a small 1ml vial) is enough to save a mother's life.

Dying Babies

Midwives resuscitate 7-10 babies a DAY at Amana Hospital... how many of these will be born at night with no birth attendant.

Births a Day

At Amana Hospital there are 80-100 deliveries a day: they have 36,000 deliveries a year. A busy unit in Australia delivers 6,000 per year.

Knitted beanies for the babies, as well as booties, blankets and baby cocoons, help keep babies warm immediately after birth.  This is particularly important to babies who are underweight, premature or who have had a difficult birth.

We welcome donations of knitted beanies, and more.

If you would like to contribute, or have a knitted group that would be interested in contributing, drop us a line.

For our regular knitters, our heartfelt thanks!  The mothers are always so gracious and thankful for the gifts.  It means so much that good people from across the sea donate their time to help them.

Our Goal is to achieve the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals 4 & 5:

4. to reduce child mortality

5. to improve maternal health

We intend to do this by improving neonatal resuscitation (the Golden Minute), reduce obstructed and prolonged labour, improve hygiene and improve post-natal observation of newborns. Our primary focus is neonatal resuscitation.

Along with those goals we need the correct equipment and training, education and the passion to see them through. Jan Becker (RN/RM) is a certified instructor in Neonatal Resuscitation in developing 3rd world countries and remote and rural areas. She intends to reduce child mortality by improving neonatal resuscitation.  In order to support this goal Jan needs her appropriate equipment. Warm and dry blankets for the baby to be secure in, with a beanie to keep it just that extra warm; gloves, eye ointment to prevent post-natal ocular (eye) infections, clamps (that work correctly) in order to prevent exsanguination, etc. That’s where donations come in. Every dollar added together makes a difference. Every beanie is another warm baby, every tube of ointment is another 20 babies without unnecessary eye infections..

All of your donations will be received by Midwife Vision and distributed to Amana Hospital in Tanzania in specifically labour ward. Your Donations are only given to the maternity units at the one hospital – Amana Hospital – in Dar es Salam in Tanzania, Africa. Money donations are not directly given to the hospital otherwise they can be used for other departments. Money donations are used ONLY to buy supplies to for the maternity units in Amana Hospital. None of your donations will be retained by Midwife Vision to given to anywhere but Amana Hospital in Dar es Salam (Tanzania, Africa) for the maternity units. 

Money Donations

Ultimately the most useful donation we can receive is money. Money allows us to buy equipment and medication ordinary people and non-medical professionals won’t be able to access. By providing us with money donations and with a specific idea of what you want that to go towards you can email us and outline what you want your donations to be used for whether it be medications, medical equipment, gloves or water for the mothers. Please think carefully about your donations as they do mean a lot to the people who receive them and we want you to feel satisfied by your generosity.