The Babies

A person’s life is never in more danger than at birth and in first few moments thereon. So many things hold in the balance that allows babies to survive and thrive to grow and be healthy. Most babies born via obstructed labour have ended up in the Neonatal Unit. Babies are lined up next to each other under fly nets to prevent unwanted infection. Cross-contamination is a huge issue but with so many in critical need and so little room there is not much to be done. Therefore, we go back to the source; we make sure that make a healthy delivery and antenatal care and we prevent a stay in the Neonatal Unit, reserving said unit for only the sickest, lowering the volume of babies and increasing breathing room, whereupon cross-contamination is lessened and recovery is more successful. Therefore, to help the babies, we go back to the most critical moment of their lives; back in labour ward and antenatal.

At the moment, because we have only just launched the Midwife Vision Website and are getting our feet, we like to keep our donations for the Babies limited to any of the following (the Fields marked in pink are coming soon, so please do not donate these items until they are un-highlighted):

  • Baby Beanies
  • Baby Pouches
  • Chloromycetin Eye Ointment (to prevent eye infections in newborns)
  • Cord Clamps (ask us about which brand to buy)
  • Money Donations
  • Cloth Nappies with nappy claws – no Pins please – (for Newborn and Premature Babies only)

See our other pages for other donation ideas. These Donation suggestions (above) are only donations for babies. See For the Mothers and For the Hospital pages for their corresponding donation ideas.

Before you try to send us your donations please email us so that we can arrange postage etc. for you. Please email

 Please understand that whilst we do not recommend these items for you to personally purchase and donate we would love to receive money donations and for you to inform us what you would like us to purchase with the funds. We do this for many reasons; for example, if you wished to purchase a delivery bed it would be easier for us to purchase the bed in Tanzania as opposed to shipping it there incurring more cost which is why we prefer money donations. Thank-you.