The Mothers

Mothers are beautiful, strong all-knowing women to their children, but in Tanzania mothers can only be so strong. Orphaned babies are often the focus of saddness and the babies themselves, healthy or not, are most times viewed by the world as more precious than their forgotten mothers. Mothers die. Babies die. The sade reality of a 3rd world country trying to improve health and well-being. Mothers are important. A lot of donations have been focused at Babies because the child mortatlity rate is higher than mothers but that does not make a mother’s life any less important. We have many suggestions for donations in order to help mothers but no matter what you donate, or whom for, whatever goes around comes around. Helping the hospital helps the mothers and the babies. By helping the mothers you are helping the babies. Life is a circle and so is love, it can be shared. See our list of donations that we suggest (the Fields marked in pink are coming soon, so please do not donate these items until they are un-highlighted):

  • Money Donations
  • Water (Mothers labour for hours on end and water is precious, often reserved for washing hands and sterilizing, so much so that mothers and babies can be severely dehydrated): Donating a slab of filled clean water in bottles ensures that mothers can have a bottle of water to drink during labour.
  • Medications: eclampsia and pre-eclampsia are just an example of some preventable conditions that can be eleviated, controlled or cured with the correct medication. Some medications are high risk so please email us if you wish to donate medication ( 
  • Pain Relief: the mothers are expected to endure labour with no pain relief at all (unless undergoing cesarean-section). If they tear during labour they are given only 5 miligrams of lignocaine, comparatively, in Australia we given 20 miligrams and provide ongoing pain relief after that. Simple medication such as Panadol is a godsend for these women. 
  • Sanitary Pads: the mothers often have post-natal bleeding and use cotton wads to put between their legs to soak up the blood. Sanitary Pads make all the difference in comfort, hygiene and durability. 


See our other pages for other donation ideas. These Donation suggestions (above) are only donations for mothers. See For the Babies and For the Hospital pages for their corresponding donation ideas.

Before you try to send us your donations please email us so that we can arrange postage etc, for you. Please email

Please understand that whilst we do not recommend these items for you to personally purchase and donate we would love to receive money donations and for you to inform us what you would like us to purchase with the funds. We do this for many reasons; for example, if you wished to purchase a delivery bed it would be easier for us to purchase the bed in Tanzania as opposed to shipping it there incurring more cost which is why we prefer money donations. Thank-you.