The Hospital

Amana Hospital in Dar es Salam, Tanzania (Africa); more specifically, the maternity units in Amana Hospital. From the Antenatal Unit to the Labour ward to the Post-Operative Ward to the Neonatal Unit, there is so much that encompasses the nine month journey from conception to birth to home again. The Hospital plays a huge role in the care of both mother and baby. Whilst Midwife Vision primarily focuses on Labour Ward we are not adverse to the other departments that we communicate and intersect with. The Hospital provides ongoing care but without specific equipment to monitor and provide that care they are not able to give the kind of care that they desperately want. By providing the hospital with help in the maternity units whether it is soap for staff to wash their hands or a surgical gurney, it will make a difference.

At the moment, because we have only just launched the Midwife Vision Website and are getting our feet, we like to keep our donations for the Hospital limited to any of the following (the Fields marked in pink are coming soon, so please do not donate these items until they are un-highlighted):

  • Medical Equipment: e.g. BP monitors, Fetal Dopplers, needles and syringes, delivery beds, etc.
  • Medications and Drugs: e.g. IV Fluid, Pain Relief for mothers, Oxytocin, etc.  
  • Hospital Supplies: e.g. Soap, alcohol rub, blueys (surgical plastic used to create a sterile feild), etc. 
  • Money Donations

You can contact us anytime at our email –

Please understand that whilst we do not recommend these items for you to personally purchase and donate we would love to receive money donations and for you to inform us what you would like us to purchase with the funds. We do this for many reasons; for example, if you wished to purchase a delivery bed it would be easier for us to purchase the bed in Tanzania as opposed to shipping it there incurring more cost which is why we prefer money donations. Thank-you.