Maternity Ward Required Equipment

Amana Hospital (Dar es Salaam), Tanzania.

How can you help. There is a load of medical equipment that gets thrown away or simply stored never to see light of day again. Ask your GP’s, hospital stores departments to donate this type of equipment. If you don’t knit or crochet  and want to donate something then even a few digital thermometers go along way.

Manual BP Machines, old metal speculums, scissors, clamps, kidney dishes – almost anything that we take for granted in our highly resources areas.  Single use scissors & clamps we reused up to 20 times in Tanzania- simply used silver wool to scrub off the blades. Scalpel blades (with no handle attached)  is what we use to cut the umbilical cord in Tanzania – so scissors, even if a little less sharp, are safer for medical staff than scalpel blades.



  • Inj. Phenobarbitone
  • Dextrose 10%
  • Inj. Ampicloxacillin
  • Inj. Gentamicin
  • Dextrose 50%
  • Vitamin K injection ampoules
  • Injection hydralazine ampoules
  • Tetracycline eye ointment
  • Injection Centamycine ampoules


  • Suction Machines (electronic and manual)
  • Doppler machines | Fetal Heart
  • Glucometer machines
  • MVA set | Manual Vacuum Aspiration
  • Digital thermometers
  • Fob watches for nurses
  • BP machine
  • BP Machine Electronic
  • Oxygen flowmeter
  • Ambubag ventilator
  • Wall thermometer
  • Suction catheter for neonates
  • Pulse oximeter for neonates
  • USS jelly Lt 1000
  • Alcohol gel
  • Urinal bags
  • Urethral catheter
  • Goggles safety glasses
  • Face masks
  • Thermometer Digital
  • Oxygen catheter for neonates
  • Feeding cups for babies
  • Bulb Suction Neonate
  • Cannula G 26
  • Feeding tubes size ”6”
  • Stethoscopes for nurses
  • Suction tube No Gauge 6, 7, 8, 9 10
  • Oxygen catheter
  • IV Tubing (Paediatric | Adult | Burette | Nil Burette|)
  • Cord Clamps
  • Birthing Kits