Each year millions of women and children die from preventable causes. I know you’ve heard it all before, these are not empty words.

They are people with names and faces. I want to meet these people, hold these babies and in that embrace know we are making a small difference. There is something powerful about being part of something that is bigger than yourself, a place to give love and connect.  Midwifes have an extraordinary place in the care of these women. Through education, teaching, caring and being involved not just in our own wards, and with our own home hospitals, we can make a difference.

Our vision is to promote maternal and child health through education, global community participation and providing resources for the nursing and midwifery force.

How do we get others involved, those who can’t travel yet want to be part of that vision….

  • By community groups, individuals, mums, aunties, friends, daughters, sisters knitting or sewing beanies…
  • Donating hand-me-down baby clothes…
  • Asking the health community to donate obsolete or unwanted medical equipment and supplies that may save lives in the Amana Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

We can all get involved!



10% Donated / $9000 To Go

Medical Equipment & Medication


Baby Beanie Knitters