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Midwife Vision’s mission is to promote maternal and child health through education, global community participation and providing resources for the nursing and midwifery force.

Join us in our mission to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (4 and 5) to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. Presently, Midwife Vision is focusing on Amana Hospital in Dar es Salam, Tanzania. Jan founded Midwife Vision so that she could provide other midwives and medical professionals with the tools and knowledge to apply to rural and remote maternity settings around the world.

She encourages the use of the United Nations goals in order for other maternity and neonatal professionals to outline key goals in there own areas of the world.

Jan knows she cannot change the world but by providing key tools and education along with continued support and outreach, others can take up the cause and then the world may indeed reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

New born babies sharing two to a cot