Jan and Chase Becker are booked to head back to Tanzania on the 26th of June.

Returning to Dar As Salaam

The anticipation of return is both one of excitement and trepidation.

The care and giving of ourselves is a personal journey that is filled with raw emotions, elation, sorrow, a profound sense of there is still much to do.

And it feels like what we do is but one drop in the ocean.

But if we sit back and say the challenge is too big or too vast, does that give us an excuse to exonerate ourselves from a global and human responsibly to be part of touching another’s life? Instead I feel strongly that if each of us does one small thing it all adds up and collectively we make positive things happen.

When we get on a plane and fly 14 hours to Dubai, then another 7 hours to Dar Es Salaam, it’s to another world – but on the same planet.

I am constantly asked “why do you go?” for me it’s a kaleidoscope of reasons. For Chase they may be very different so she can tell you her thoughts in her news flash as well.

When I deliver a baby, or wipe a women’s face to cool her during labour, or resuscitate a baby, or simply reach out as I pass on my way to other women in labour (all labour in one room)…for those moments letting them know they are not invisible, we care, we see them and for that moment it is enough…

It’s enough for me to go – to connect to someone whose life and opportunity is so vastly different to mine.

It’s only because of the success of our business back home and the amazing team who manage things while I am gone that I have the privilege of being part of, for but a moment these women’s life’s.

But the unsung heroes on this story are the midwives who for 365 days a year manage 80-100 deliveries per day – with limited resources, that’s 36,000 babies a year.

Simple things like gloves, soap, clean rooms, cord clamps, medication, syringes, paper, and clean water – the list is too long and would look ridiculous if I recorded them all.

These midwives are an inspiration to me….. Could I stay for a year…? Would I lose faith in the world that seems to have forgotten them?

Each knitted beany that the wonderful women in NZ and Australia lovingly make and the baby cocoons, little baby resting angel bags for the wee ones who die – you fill me with hope and joy.

Each mother gets tears in her eyes and is overjoyed seeing the little beanies placed on their babies’ heads.

Joining us (Chase & I) again is Dr James Moir (OB|GYN) and the fabulous midwife Brigid.

More news soon.

Signing off


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Working on Currently for Donations for Amana Hospital

New maternity Theatre Operating lights- due to the unstable power supplies the globes keep blowing up and replacement cannot be found because of old technology. We are working with Dr Brenda and Amana Hospital to get floor LED OT lamps that can be used and hopefully more robust to electrical fluctuations – Becker Helicopters is donating these items

New Ultrasound machines- submitting a proposal to try and get funding through South Australia for $6000 each Ultrasound hand held for the Antenatal Unit, Labour Ward and pre-admission to labour ward.

#fff300 Raised 10,000 AUD$ towards the 18,000 AUD$ target.

Donations delivered

Baby cots delivered this week from midwife vision – we got ten new cots and they are replacing the old one where the wee babies could fall out!